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Welcome to a website that has been in operation since the early 1990’s. Cruise-Australia has been designed especially for the Australian and New Zealand cruise market and they also love heading overseas and joining ships far afield, having become worldwide cruise travellers. There is no doubt, for records prove that Australian region has proved to be one of the world’s fastest growing cruise markets, and considering I have been in the Passenger Shipping Industry since 1960, and having worked up to a manager, then CEO, to owner of a Cruise Company, I certainly know a great deal about the industry which I love greatly! Although I retired in the mid 1980s, I continued my passion as a non-profit Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer and as millions around the world now know, a well-known Maritime Historian. However be assured, whenever I take a cruise I always pay my full fares, for I do not believe in freebies! My only aim is to provide my knowledge to all who are seeking the right cruise ship for their needs, and thus to review the ships that are currently in operation here in Australia and New Zealand, Asia as well some selected ships sailing around our globe!

The author is seen on ANZAC Day, during a line voyage to the UK on the MV Athena in 2012-

To date I have enjoyed over 250 Cruises & this includes around the world voyages of 106 days and a number of up to 56 day line voyages to the U.K. with P&O UK, as well two with Classic International Cruises Line aboard the MV Athena, and they were simply excellent, but I have to be honest, there were also some which I can only describe as complete a cruise of suffering, which others were just not that great. Therefore I feel very confident that I know what a good Cruise Ship and what is not. It is my aim to provide informative information on what is an excellent cruise experience and one that will suit your needs! Also, remember to contact me for further information to check on your individual needs, etc.

In more recent times I have enjoyed wonderful cruises with Holland America Line (HAL), Princess Cruises and other luxury Cruise Companies. However, my most recent cruises have been in August and December 2016, and a superb PNG cruise on the Pacific Aria, and we cruised on her again in February and November 2017. This ex Holland America Line ship, provided quite a surprise, as P&O had given her a sensational refit and makeover, and we have now had four wonderful cruises on her, and I have rated the Pacific Aria very highly, considering she is a P&O Cruises Australia ship, but their premier cruise ship, and now all their ships are being upgraded to the Aria’s standards!! Several Pacific Aria Cruise Reviews can be found down the page! I am sailing on the Pacific Aria again in May 2018, and have other cruises planed this year.

In Closing:

To date my four main Classic Liner and Cruise Sites being: & .net & & .net have received an amazing 520.2 million readers. Therefore, I wish to thank my countless readers/supporters from Australia, New Zealand, throughout Asia, and from all over the world, for your support and countless emails, for it is through the emails many of us have become such good friends. I have been delighted to have been able to guide you and others regarding the ship that has proved to be the most suitable for your next cruise vacation. Thus, thank you for you responses as they have been most encouraging, and I am grateful for your ongoing support!

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Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer.

Commenced in the Passenger/Cruise Shipping Industry in 1960.

Brisbane, Australia.

Latest Cruise News

February 2018


Links to News Items found on this page:


Small Ship Cruising - MV Aegean Odyssey


Pacific Jewel Refurbishment - March 2018


6-Star Scenic Eclipse - A New 108,865-ton P&O Cruise Ship due in 2020


P&O Pacific Eden refitted - New Pacific Aria Cruise Review - P&O’s new Pacific Explorer


MV Pacific Dawn refittedVirgin Voyages - Majestic Princess in Australia



MV Aegean Odyssey

Small Ship cruising at its very best, without it costing an absolute fortune!

The stylish MV Aegean Odyssey seen docked in a tropical port

MV Aegean Odyssey is a delightful cruise ship operated by “VOYAGES TO ANTIQUITY” (VTA) a Cruise Company established in 2009 that operate just a single ship. This delightful 12,000 ton ship is classically elegant, but far from being stuffy and formal, yet still a 4˝ Star Cruise and Expedition ship that offers wonderful value, as fares includes her guests just about everything. She offers every comfort at sea, with a relaxed congenial atmosphere and the highest calibre of personal service.

After dinner drinks with friends in the Charleston Lounge and Bar

Cruising on a smaller ship provides so many special pleasures, considering that the Aegean Odyssey accommodates an average of just 350 guests, and therefore unlike the vast majority of the cruise ships of today, this delightful ship offers a genuine intimate cruise experience!

MV Aegean Odyssey berthed at another fascinating port

In addition, the MV Aegean Odyssey is small enough to sail up famous rivers and put into many more ports that have great and/or historic character, and many of which are simply inaccessible to larger cruise ships.

Air fares from Australia and New Zealand are included to and from the ships departure and final arrival points and so much more. For all the inclusions see my online feature, as they are comprehensive!

A Personal Note from the Author:

What I personally really like about this wonderful Small Cruise ‘n’ Expedition Ship is that she is not pretentious, and does not pretend to fit in with the Silversea or Seabourn crowd. Instead she is a wonderful 4˝ Star classically elegant style of ship that continued the trends of yesteryear, but somehow has still kept up to date and has the best of modern accommodations and public venues. I give her top marks and wish youa Bon Voyage! Reuben Goossens.

For full details, visit my two page MV Aegean Odyssey feature




MV Pacific Jewel to be Refurbished, March 2018


The Pacific Jewel will undergo a multi-million dollar refurbishment prior her record six-month New Zealand cruise season. She will enter dry-dock in Sydney on March 7 for 10 days.

The focus will be on refreshing many of her public areas including the Atrium, Shell & Bones Seafood Restaurant, Connexions Bar, Orient Bar, Pool Café, and the adults-only Oasis. In addition, an outdoor Lawn Bowling green will be installed.

The brand New Connexions Lounge and Bar

In addition, she will also be given the new company Southern Cross livery, which will be emblazoned over her bow.

Upon completion, she will make a one way voyage from Sydney to Auckland, and then she will commence 22 circle cruises from Auckland  commencing late March to August 2018, after which she will return to Australia.

For full details visit the … Pacific Jewel Pages


Scenic° Luxury Cruises & Tours


The world finest All Inclusive & All Suite 6-star Super Yacht:

The acclaimed Australian based “Scenic° Luxury Cruises and Tours” will be introducing their 6-Star Ultra-Luxury Mega Yacht the “MV Scenic Eclipse” as she is due to depart Istanbul on her Maiden cruise on August 31, 2018. This the remarkable 16,500 GRT, 228 guest ship will join the Scenic Group’s all inclusive luxury fleet of 21 River Cruise ships that sail throughout Europe, Russia as well as South East Asia!

The world’s most innovative and luxurious Mega Expedition Yacht ever to be built

The Scenic Eclipse is all inclusive of dining in any of the six fine Restaurants, or full in-Suite dinning, butler service is available to every guest, and drinks from soft drinks to the top lever liqueurs and champagnes are included a are excursions! Thus this being the ultimate Luxury Mega Yacht to sail on, for I certainly will!

Innovative Design:

However, this ship is unlike other ship ever built in the word for she will be the most technically advanced in the world, as well as the safest ship afloat, and she will have an ice-class rating of 1A Super allowing her to reach places that other ice strengthened ships cannot reach! Apart from this she will have her own two Helicopters housed in separate hangers as well as a seven-seat Submarine allowing the Scenic Eclipse’s guests to go where no one has gone before on an expedition voyage of discovery!

Philippe Donche-Gay, Executive Vice-President and Managing Director of the Marine & Offshore Division, “Bureau VERITAS,” said;

“Bureau VERITAS was involved at an early stage of design, working closely with the owners, of the shipyard and well known design offices for the development of this new concept cruise ship. Our expertise with safety, Polar conditions and comfort on board were all critical elements of the new concept which Scenic presents as a six-star luxury discovery yacht.”

Scenic Eclipse will be powered by two separate diesel-electric propulsion plants in separate fireproof areas, as well as two pods. She will have two Galleys’, two separate refrigeration plants, two Bridges and so much more, which you can read on the main feature. She will be granted the highest “Bureau VERITAS” Marks and Notations, including the “new Polar Class” and several additional class notations relating to pollution prevention, such as advanced wastewater treatment system, ballast water management system, waste holding capacity and a Green Passport.

The Scenic Eclipse seen off Santorini when she will be sailing the Greek Islands

I highly recommend that you visit the new two page feature and after you have fully read it and seen the Deck Plan on Page Two, that you: 1. View the six minute Video, and: 2. you can also download the Preview Brochure.

But now on February 4, 2018 Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours has announced that their flagship will be joined by a sister ship, and she will be named - Scenic Eclipse II. She will be launched in 2010 and join her sister around eight months later. Full details are available on the Scenic Eclipse page below and brochures are available!

Enter the Scenic Eclipse Feature




A New 108,865-tonne P&O Cruise Ship due in 2020

On September 27, 2017 P&O Cruises made their third announcement with the news that after two previous ships that had been announced, now it will be Princess ship the 108,865 tonne MV Golden Princess will be transferred to P&O in 2020.

The Golden Princess seen from the air and she is packed with some of the most amazing facilities at sea!

Australia’s cruising future looks very bright, and P&O has grown from being a single ship company in the days of the FunShip TSS Fairstar and Fair Princess, then in 2000 the Pacific Sky arrived on the scene, but today P&O has five magnificent quality cruise ships from 55,820-tons to 77,441-tons.

For full details visit … Our Australasian Cruise News page.




The 2018 to 2019 P&O Brochure is now available from your friendly licensed Cruise & Travel Agency 


New - Pacific Eden Receives a Refit 

Wednesday August 9, 2017: Although most will know that both the Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden received their comprehensive transformations and refits late in 2015, and all their public venues are identical, however, that was until this month.

The 55,820-tonne Pacific Eden is currently completing a 12-day multimillion-dollar transformation in Singapore, ahead of the start of her highly anticipated Cairns cruise season. Pacific Eden will emerge on August 24, as she departs Cairns for her 9 night Papua New Guinea Cruise, with two fully refurbished entrainment venues, as well as a good number of other transformations!

However, early this morning, the Singapore dry dock was re-flooded and Pacific Eden emerged with an entirely new look and simply looks fabulous! Like the new Pacific Explorer, the Pacific Eden now features the spectacular P&O signature Southern-Cross-livery on her bow, giving the Pacific Eden an added meaning to the word WOW! P&O CEO, Mr. Sture Myrmell and Paul Rutherford sent this fantastic photo only this morning.

The P&O Southern Cross Livery actually looks better on the dark blue hull than on the white!

Let us now look at her two beautifully refurbished venues:

1: Her magnificent two-storey Marquee Show Lounge has been given a stylish new look and feel with a dramatic black, white, and emerald-green colour scheme, as well as some custom wallpapers, and unique artworks, being excellent design work by Petra Ryberg.

An all-new Marquee Show Lounge

The glamorous Marquee Show Room is located forward on Deck 7 and 8 has a huge Balcony, but this is a superbly designed Show Room that has round tables and chairs close to the stage, and comfortable sofas that have a huge amount of legroom and glass round tables for drinks. The sightlines are simply excellent regardless where you are seated. This is the perfect venue for those magnificent P&O Production Theatre Shows!

2: “The Dome,” being a much-loved place for both during the daytime, also the ever popular late night hot spot has also been completely updated and now takes on a contemporary nautical theme with dark navy blue and white hues, with drapes and soft lighting has been added.

Here we see the starboard side of The Dome, looking forward as well as part of the Bar

3: In addition, a number of Suites and Balcony Cabins have received new carpets and outdoor furniture, whilst the Torquay Cinema, Elemis Spa, Gym and the Children’s and Youth centres; HQ and HQ Plus, have also been revitalised. In total, some 11,000 square metres of new carpet has been fitted on this wonderful 1,500-guest cruise ship.

Sture Myrmell said the latest refurbishment was part of P&O’s commitment to continually evolve and enhance the design of the fleet.

“Since Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden underwent their extensive transformations in 2015, we’ve built a reputation as a modern Australian Cruise Line that provides memorable holidays in a unique setting," Sture said. “A key part of that process is to deliver a stylish, modern look and feel across the ship’s public spaces and produce venues that would be more at home in a high-end resort than on a cruise ship. The Marquee Show Lounge and The Dome are two of Pacific Eden’s most popular venues and the new upgrades will continue to push the boundaries of our designs and what passengers can continue to expect from our fleet.” Sture Myrmell said the latest refurbishment was part of P&O’s commitment to continually evolve and enhance the design of the fleet.

Pacific Eden seen arriving in Sydney

In Conclusion by the Author:

Having sailed on her sister ship, the Pacific Aria (being based Brisbane) three times within the space of a less than a year, and having booked further cruises on her coming up soon, I can assure you that all facilities aboard were already magnificent, as are the amazing 11 FREE Dining venues, and the superb cuisine and service that is on offer!

When these two new P&O ships arrived in our waters, the company changed direction, and now the Pacific Dawn has followed the delightful décor ideas of these sisters, and now the amazing new flagship Pacific Explorer has also been completely refitted with a brand new look and style, and all ships now feature a bright new menu throughout the day, but with Australian as well as International dishes available in the evening!

I suggest that you read my Pacific Aria reviews located below, which will reveal the other interiors, as well as the accommodations and the Deck Plan, and remember the layout of both ships and most public venues are still the same, the only differences as from the end of August will be the refurbished venues and staterooms as stated above.

To Enter my Pacific Aria Cruise Review - See the ITEM Below!


The New 2017 to 2019 P&O Brochure is now available from your friendly licensed Cruise & Travel Agency


NEW - Pacific Aria Updated Cruise Review

Late in 2016, considering I live in Brisbane, I decided to undertake a number of cruises; the first being an 18-Night South Pacific cruise on MV Pacific Aria in August. This cruise was followed by another South Pacific cruise in December, which was followed by a 14-nights cruise to the PNG in February 2017. These tree cruises were so much enjoyed that I decided to book another cruise. This being another cruise to the PNG for 10-nights Papua New Guinea Cruise departing November 14, 2017.

Thus this is a full and an updated Two Page review covering the entire ship, as well as an amazing three page PNG is a spectacular destination and worth visiting! Believe me, heading to the PNG per cruise ship is in reality the best way to see it, just look at the amazing Three Page PNG Feature with countless stunning Photographs that will have you wanting to rush to your cruise agency, to book a PNG cruise!

For those who live in Brisbane, around Queensland as well as Northern NSW, the Pacific Aria is ideal for those who prefer a locally based ship and one that is not over crowded, she is far more luxurious and intimate that the rest of the P&O fleet, except her sister the Pacific Eden. She is a ship full of style and amazing glamour, but best still you there are never more that 1,500 passengers aboard, but more often it will be between around 1,300 passengers! I am certainly am looking forward to my next cruises in 2018!



The New 2017 to 2019 P&O Brochure is now available from your friendly licensed Cruise & Travel Agency



P&O’s New Pacific Explorer has Arrived

The exciting all new MV Pacific Explorer has arrived in Sydney, and she is now P&O’s largest cruise ship and officially their Flagship. Having been named on June 19, 2017 she has commenced cruising around the South Pacific and other exciting destinations!

Having been extensively refurbished in Singapore, she features countless new and exciting Lounges and Bars, as well as Theatres, Showrooms and Nightclubs, but even more exciting is the vast variety of free Dinning Venues available to guests, as well as some wonderful optional dinning restaurants as well of course, but there has never been this much choice! In addition, for the very first time for a P&O ship, a magnificent children’s Waterpark is housed within the louvered funnel casing, and there are two Water Slides that are four decks high located aft of the funnel!


Above & below: The three level Atrium offers the Reception, Tours Desk, Restaurants

Boutiques, a Shop, Bars, Charlie’s Café and the wonderful new 400-Gradi Pizzeria



A new exclusive venue for the Pacific Explorer, the “Hotel Explorer” Lounge and Bar located on

Promenade Deck (7). Here there will be fun during the day and musinc and dancing at night


This is the new “The Bonded Store” being a Bar, which is in association with the award-winning “Archie Rose Distilling Co”

Every Cocktail or Drink served in this beautiful and elegant venue will feature Archie Rose’s handcrafted spirits.

It is indeed a first on an Australian-based cruise ship


Visit my … MV Pacific Explorer feature, containing many interior & exterior photographs


The New 2017 to 2019 P&O Brochure is now available from your friendly licensed Cruise & Travel Agency




A Bright & New Refurbished MV Pacific Dawn
Arrives Home to Brisbane on March16, 2017

The refurbished Pacific Dawn, which arrived home to Brisbane to recommence her

schedules as a wonderful new style of cruise ship! Enter her NEW feature HERE


The New 2017 to 2019 P&O Brochure is now available from your friendly licensed Cruise & Travel Agency




Virgin Voyages - A remarkable Trio of New Style of Green Ships

Virgin Cruises has signed a binding letter of Intent with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri for the construction of three cruise ships to be delivered in 2020, 2021, and 2022 with the total cost of the project being close to US$2.55 billion. The “Adult Only” cruise ships will be 110,000 GRT (Gross Registered Tons) will accommodate 2,800 passengers (sailors) and will be crewed for by a happy and a typical 1,159 Virgin crew.

Virgin Voyages brand new innovative design of their new “Green” cruise ships

Image provided by & © Virgin Voyages

Earlier this year (2017) Richard Branson officially unveiled the new design of the three “adult only” Virgin cruise ships being constructed at the Italian Fincantieri Shipyards. The three ships are said to cost around US$2.55bn to build, and the first of the ships completed will commence its maiden voyage in 2020. Construction on the first ship commenced on March 22, 2017.

Then at a Gala event in Genoa on October 31, 2017 the first ship’s keel was officially laid down to mark the commencement of construction.

Richard Branson said;

“This is a very big day for Virgin Voyages, as an exciting new holiday option for traveller’s starts to get ship shape. She will be the most recognisable ship sailing the seven seas, delivering an irresistible sailor experience. We’re also committed to making sure our crew are the happiest at sea and will be proud to sail with us.”

All three ships will use some amazing innovative “green” technology in order to increase energy efficiency and minimise the impact they have on the environment when sailing. Virgin has signed an agreement with waste management company Scanship in order to develop a system that uses microwave technology to convert much of each ship’s waste into energy.

They have also partnered with Sweden’s Climeon to recycle waste heat that’s generated and convert it to clean electricity. The system cost several million dollars per ship, but improves its efficiency in the long term.

Enter the Virgin Voyages Feature for more & links to videos



MV Majestic Princess ~ In Australia

April 12: Princess Cruises has announced that their brand new ship the 143,000-tonne Majestic Princess is the largest Princess ship ever to based in Australian waters. She is due to arrive into Sydney Harbour on September 18, 2018, and she will be based here until March 2019.

Majestic Princess is seen here having just been delivered at the Monfalcone Shipyards on March 30, 2017

Photograph provided by & © princess Cruises


For full details of the New MV Majestic Princess Feature online!


The current Princess Cruises Brochure is now available from your friendly licensed Cruise & Travel Agency



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Booking direct through a cruise company is seldom the best option, as there will be no actual service, you will have to do everything yourself, including printing out your tickets, etc, and you may well pay a higher fare.

Therefore, do yourself a huge favour, and go and see that good Cruise / Travel Agent who knows the cruise industry well, for they will look after your interest and make sure that you get the best fare available, etc!

Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer.

Commenced in the Passenger/Cruise Shipping Industry in 1960.

Brisbane, Australia.

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