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Welcome to a website that has been online since the early 1990’s. Cruise-Australia has been designed especially for the Australian, New Zealand and the Asian cruise market and for all who love heading overseas and joining ships far afield, therefore many have become worldwide cruise travellers and explores of destinations far-afield. Records have proven that Australia has become the world’s fastest growing cruise market, and considering I have been in the Passenger Shipping and the Cruise Industry for over sixty years, having commenced in New Zealand as a travel agent and then worked up to a manager, later to become the head of a major International around the world passenger Shipping Company in Australia, followed operating a Cruise Company, I certainly know a great deal about the industry, an industry I love greatly! Although, many years later, I am now retired due to rather extreme ill health, but when it is possible I still make an attempt to continue to share my vast knowledge with those who love to take their vacation by sea, but these days in moderation.

Holland America Lines super luxury cruise ship, the ms Amsterdam is seen departing Sydney Australia,

whilst she is on her annual around the world voyage. HAL is the world’s highest Rated Cruise Line

as well as having the highest Rated Cuisine served to their Guests at Sea

Enter my ms Amsterdam Ship Review when she was in Brisbane November 2010

Please Note: Whenever I and my travelling companion, take a cruise I always pay the full fare, for I do not believe in freebies! My only aim is to provide my knowledge to all who are seeking the right cruise ship for their needs, and thus when I review a ship I just cruised on, or other ships that are currently in operation regardless if they are based in Australia, New Zealand or visit here, as well as ships from around the world, and you can be assured that you will be reading about them without any bias what so-ever!

In conclusion; countless millions around the world know me well as a Maritime Historian, and, having written on well over 1,350 classic Liners, both grand and small migrant ships, but all are important. Then there were those wonderful passenger-Cargo-Liners that would take between 20 to around 400 passengers in sheer luxury. Thus all this writing has resulted in having an amazing 533.2 million readers to date and remember you will never find advertising on any of my pages, or asking for money, and all this cruise information and maritime History is online for you, and it is financed 100% by the author!

The superb Classic Liner and much loved Cruise ship is the MS Marco Polo celebrates her 55th anniversary in 2020

Enter the MS Marco Polo a Two Page Feature

A cruise review by Mr. John Happs & His dear wife Hazel who cruised on her in June 2016 to Iceland



What is New?

It is sad for me to say however that I have I have just started to write my final cruise review (November 2019). However, I have written stories and reviews on countless worthy Cruise Ships and their respective companies in order to better inform cruise and ship enthusiasts 1; for their pleasure, 2; but more so to ensure that you, my wonderful readers will make the best-informed choice possible on which ship will be just right for you.

Let’s Start with some Scottish Mini-Cruising MAGIC:

You will discover that on Cruise-Australia there is a vast variety of cruise options available from mini-cruise ships to those giants of the sea; however I will start with these wonderful mini-cruise ships based in Scotland, owned by the acclaimed “The Majestic Line”, who offers one of the worlds most amazing ocean going experiences possible. Their first two vessels were originally Irish wooden Herring Trawlers that were converted in Scotland into the most amazing eleven guest cruise vessels with cabins all having private facilities and windows or portholes. There is a spacious Lounge, Bar, Library, Flat Screen TV and a Dining Room aft on Main Deck, as well as ample outdoor deck spaces. And believe me there is not a fishy smell to be found anywhere, except when that giant seafood buffet is on the table! These well designed ships cruise around the west coast of Scotland and the Hebrides. Soon these small cruise vessels were such a great success in Britain, Europe and worldwide the owners decided to build two new ships based on the first two, but with steel hulls and new improved facilities. These vessels looked much the same, but on the Main Deck, rather than having the one spacious main public venue, the new ships had two, with a large, Lounge, Bar, Library and flat screen TV forward, and the Dining Room with a smaller Lounge area being located aft. However there is a comprehensive two page feature online detailing this really worthwhile cruise experience with a difference. World famous TV star and vocalist June McDonald has already cruised on the Glen Tarsan and she loved it, and stated, “I will be going again, but next time on the 10 day cruise, for it is the experience of a lifetime, I just loved it!”

The Majestic Line” fabulous four mini-cruise-ships that will delight you!

Enter The Majestic Line Feature



To the more traditional larger ship companies, or the more glamorous luxury smaller up-market Cruise Lines, such as “Silversea,” “Seabourn”, “SeaDream Yacht Club” and “Viking Ocean Cruises.” In addition there are also some magnificent more traditional Classic Cruise ships that are still operating, such as the greatly loved MS Marco Polo, the MV Astoria, and the “Voyages to Antiquity” fine cruise ship, MV Aegean Odyssey. Remember all these ships can be found on the Main Index, which you can enter via the Index Bar at the bottom of the page.

MV Aegean Odyssey is seen at Istanbul

Enter the MV Aegean Odyssey Feature



Then what about Tahiti? There is a very special luxury ship based in Papéeté, which is owned by “Compagnie Polynésienne de Transport Maritime” or just (CPTM), with the ship being the Passenger-Cargo cruise Ship the A

MV Aranui 5 is seen at Bora Bora - “Aranui” means “The Great Highway” in the

Maori language being all part of the CPTM ships great Polynesian history and culture

Thus as you can see from the amazing ship above, the MV Aranui 5 will offer her 254 Guests comfortable, air-conditioned accommodations in remarkable comfort, for this is certainly not a traditional cargo ship that just has some passenger accommodations, but this is more of a luxury passenger ship that just happens to also carry cargo and mail to the many Islands it visits, which really makes the voyage so much more interesting! On her spacious aft decks the ship offers her Guests space to sunbathe, swim in the pool and enjoy exotic tropical drinks while she wends her way among the countless beautiful tropical Islands. All in the wonderful comforts of a superb ship!

Enter the MV Aranui 5 Cruising around the Beautiful Tahitian Islands

Including the magical Tuamotu and Marquesas Archipelago’s



Australia has a luxury small-ship cruise operator named “Coral Expeditions’ which was established in 1983 and today they are one of Australia’s most highly awarded and acclaimed “Expedition Cruise Operators.”

The Company has grown from just one small vessel to a fine fleet of ships that sail around Australia, Asia and much further field!

Their newer ship is the state-of-the-art 1,838-ton, MV Coral Discoverer, which is an intimate, Australian cruise ship and she has become a much sought after small cruise ship operating at a cruising speed of 14 knots.

The luxurious MV Coral Explorer is seen in Milford Sound, New Zealand

Explore the Magic of the MV Coral Discoverer & her sisters and the many countries visited



Above I have shown just a very small insight into a very big world of cruising that is available to you, and I have not forgotten the local scene, such as P&O cruises Australia, as I have cruised on the Pacific Aria frequently, being such a fine ship, and of course P&O Cruises Australia has undergone a complete transformation, with all the existing ships that remain having taken on much of the very stylish décor and themes from the Pacific Aria and placed them on the Pacific Dawn, giving the old girl a whole new look! And of course on P&O’s newer arrivals the ex Dawn Princess, now she has been completely refitted and she also has taken on a modified Aria look plus so much more! And this will go on with the ex Grand Princess soon  to arrive as the MV Pacific Adventure, which will also feature many of the same venues as on the Pacific Aria, the wonderful Blue Room, the Ocean Bar, and all the familiar Restaurants, such as the Waterfront and topside The Panty, plus so many more new exciting additions.

Pacific Aria Cruise Reviews by the Author:

November 2019: My dear friend and Carer, Eng Tan have just returned from one of our many on the delightful ms Pacific Aria, we have reached every corner of the Pacific as well as North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, as we have been so fortunate to cruise a good number of times to magical Papua New Guinea, as well as the wonderful “The Bounty” cruise, which visits Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, amongst other wonderful tropical Islands.

However, our last cruise was our beloved PNG cruise and we had smooth sailing to say the least, but soon we will see the Aria head off to New Zealand and Adelaide, and in February 2021 she will leave P&O forever, like a few of the other ships that have been sold off. Yet the Pacific Aria is the best ship in the fleet! You will soon come to see that I and countless of other past passengers who love this magnificent ship, considering she has the best cabins of all the P&O ships, as all cabins has a lounge area with a sofa and a coffee table and so much more, etc. In addition, she is officially rated the Number One ship in the fleet, yet they are dumping her. My review of our recent PNG cruise will cover some of the reasons quite comprehensively.

Pacific Aria is seen at anchor on November 25, 2019

Photograph by & © Mr. Hun-Eng Tan


 Enter my Pacific Aria Reviews

Including an INDEX to other cruises & “The … “Papua New Guinea Experience”

The November 19, 2019 10 day PNG Cruise Review and Commentary will be online soon 




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