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Please Note: Cruise-Australia and related maritime sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. Please be assured that the author is NOT associated with any Cruise Company or Cruise-Travel Agency. The author has been in the Passenger Shipping and Cruise Industry since 1960, and although now long retired, but remain delighted to continue to share my vast knowledge with those who love to take their vacation by sea! Thus I continue to write on worthy Cruise Companies and their wonderful ships in order to better to inform cruise and ship enthusiasts to ensure that you, my wonderful readers will make the best-informed choice possible on which company or ship will be just perfect for your next cruise vacation, regardless which part of the world you wish to sail in!



Welcome to a website which has been online since the early 1990’s. Cruise-Australia has been designed especially for the Australian, New Zealand and the Asian cruise market and for all who love heading overseas and joining ships far afield, Therefore many have become worldwide cruise travellers and explores of destinations far-afield. Records have proven that Australia has become the world’s fastest growing cruise market, and considering I have been in the Passenger Shipping Industry since 1960, and having worked up to a manager, then CEO of a major International around the world passenger Shipping Company, followed by a Cruise Company, I certainly know a great deal about the industry, an industry I love greatly! Although I am now technically retired, I have continued my passion as a non-profit Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer and as millions around the world well know, a well as a prolific Maritime Historian. However be assured, whenever I take a cruise I always pay my full fare, for I do not believe in freebies! My only aim is to provide my knowledge to all who are seeking the right cruise ship for their needs, and thus to review the ships that are currently in operation here in Australia, New Zealand as well ships from around the world are here for you to read about.

To date I have enjoyed well over 265 Cruises (but I will stop counting after my last cruise in June 2019, although my next one is in November. My cruises have included Around the World Voyages of 106 days on the Dawn Princess, and a number of up to 56 night Line Voyages from Australia to the U.K., on the P&O UK MV Arcadia (later the Pacific Pearl), the Oriana as well as the Aurora, also two voyages from Perth to Portsmouth UK., with Classic International Cruises on board the classic MV Athena, and I certainly enjoy these longer voyages, but I have to be honest, there was one of these voyages that sadly was a disappointment, and believe me, it was certainly not on the MV Athena or on P&O UK!. Therefore I feel very confident with my long shipping experience that I know what a good Cruise Company, or ship is, and what is not. It is my aim to provide informative information regarding what will provide you with the best possible cruise experience, one that will suit your needs! I must say however that my poor experience on the Dawn Princess does not reflect Princess Cruises, for I have cruised with them on a good number of occasions since and it has been excellent!

In Closing:

To date my five main Cruise and Maritime Sites being: & .net, & & .net have received almost 534 million visitors to date. Therefore, I wish to thank my countless readers and supporters from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and all those from throughout the world, for your kind support, and those wonderful and kind emails, for I receive up to 140 emails per day and many of us have become such good friends. I have been delighted to have been able to guide you and others regarding the ship that has proved to be the most suitable for your next cruise vacation. Thus, thank you for you responses as they have been most encouraging, and I am grateful for your ongoing support! PS; To date I have now received over 1,784 emails in response to my Pacific Aria reviews, thank you, and it seems that you have enjoyed them, and for past passengers, it seems you are generally around 98% are in agreement!, the balance had a slight difference, which seemed had mostly to do with alcohol prices, or packages. Thankfully not my problem and to be honest, it is the same on every cruise line in the world today, for duty free drinks are long gone, it s just a sad fact of life, we expect cheap fares. Well cruise companies have to make money somewhere, for with the ever changing dollar and massive overheads; they may not be making giant profits like they did some time ago!

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Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer.

Since 1990 I have written on well over 1,350 Classic Passenger Liners & Cruise Ships!

I have been in the Passenger Shipping and Cruise Industry for over 60 years.



Latest Cruise News

November & December 2019

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New - The Majestic Line

Small-ship cruising the west Coast of Scotland

including the Hebrides, Mull and St Kilda

A highly recommended Scottish cruise, a 5-Star Experience

Scenic Expedition Cruises

Scenic’s 6 -Star Ultra-Luxury Mega Expedition Yacht, the …

“Seabourn’s New Ship

Seabourn’s NEW Expedition Ship due mid 2021

With many images complete with a Deck Plan.

Her Maiden Season has been announced from June 2022 to 2022

“Pacific Aria”

Read my - “Barrier Reef Discovery” Review

Also - Two Papua New Guinea Cruise Reviews



Mr. Andy Thoms and Ken Grant who have lived and sailed throughout the west-coast of Scotland and the many beautiful Islands and the many lochs, decided in 2014 to share their love of this region with others.

Thus they purchased a retired Irish herring trawler and took it back to Scotland and lovingly converted it into a delightful mini-cruise ship for 11 guests, who would sail in comfort, style and be pampered by what has now been described by past passengers, as well as the Travel & Cruise Industry “Providing their passengers some of the freshest and finest cuisine possible”. For example the mussels are obtained in the morning from the famous “Inverlussa Mussel Farm” and other seafood’s come directly from the trawlers just after they arrive in port. The Captain knows the trawler schedules, and the Chef has a handle on how to obtain the freshest vegetables direct from the farm as well as the lamb and beef supplies available during the voyage.

As one repeat passenger stated:

“Every single meal has been of such a high standard, both in terms of the menus and presentation, we were really amazed. At every meal there was always another surprise, be it at breakfast, lunch or diner, for on this small vessel we received what can only be described as a 5-Star culinary delight, and we received this each and every day. In fact in so many ways, it was far superior then on many of the luxury cruise ships we have been on. Thus, we were stunned to have meals of this high calibre on such a small and intimate cruise vessel such as this, well done Majestic Line, we absolutely loved it!” There is more of this review on Page One of The Majestic Line feature.

The Lounge Dining Saloon on the M/V Glen Tarsan

So popular were the Glen Massan cruises that in 2017 an identical Irish herring trawler was obtained, and she was also completely refitted into a fine mini-cruise ship and was named the M/V Glen Tarsan and she commenced cruising in that year.

In 2016 and 2019 two brand new steel hulled small-ships of similar design were constructed and they have a good number of new additions, although still just a maximum of 12 guests. But now Has a spacious Guest Saloon forward on Main Deck, being the Lounge, Library, the Bar and there is a Flat screen TV. The Dining Saloon's on these two new ships are located aft on this deck.

Guest Lounge and Bar on the M/V Glen Etive


And here we see the spacious Dining Saloon located aft on the two new ships

All cabins have private facilities, although they are not large as on most luxury cruise ships, they are extremely comfortable with the finest and comfortable queen sized beds that convert to twins if requested.

For interest, two cabins are always reserved for solo travellers’ and they may sail at no surcharge whatsoever!

Just several of the Recent Awards Received:

The Scotsman Food and Drinks Awards: “Best use of Scottish Produce” and “Your Hidden Gem” - 2019.

Highlands and Islands Tourism Awards: “Best Innovation in Tourism” - 2019. Award: Best International Small-Ship-Experience - 2019.

The Wave Awards: “Best Specialist Cruise Line” - 2018.

Enter “The Majestic Line” Feature

Featuring; An Introduction, the M/V Glenn Massan & Glen Tarsan. Also “Food & Dining On Board”

& Cruise Reviews, including one from TV presenter June McDonald (Page One).

And the M/V Glen Etive & Glen Shiel (Page Two).





Scenic Eclipse the world’s
Only 6 Star Expedition Super Yacht


Scenic Eclipse is the most advance vessels in the world and she has Submarines and Helicopters

A Brand New Style of Expedition Yacht!

A Voyage on the Scenic Eclipse will be unlike any other Expedition Voyage that is available on any other ship, for each guest will be surrounded by the ultimate of sheer luxury on this unbelievable Super Yacht! This is Scenic’s first foray into the world of Ocean Expedition Cruising. However having operated their Cruise Company for countless years, and considering they already operate an extensive fleet of 21 Luxury 5-star 100% all inclusive River Ships, thus with their considerable experience and the feedback from their countless repeat guests, they are well aware that they have created something very special and certainly spectacular!

There is no doubt that the demand has been there for Ultra-Luxury Super Yachts such as the Scenic Eclipse and her identical sister due in 2020, Scenic Eclipse II.

A spectacular view of the Scenic Eclipse

And these two yachts will be the most prized vessels in the world today, for their designers have done something that has never been attempted before in one of the finest designs externally as well as her amazing interiors that goes far beyond anything found at sea today! What are you waiting for, this is the adventure of a Lifetime, and it is one not to be missed!

Enter the MV Scenic Eclipse feature



Seabourn Venture

Their New Expedition Ship due mid 2021


An illustration of the Seabourn Venture

Seabourn has introduced their new 6 Star Expedition Ship, the 23,000 ton Seabourn Venture, which is due in June 2021, whilst a second as yet un-named sister is due in 2022. These ships will offer spacious and thoughtfully appointed suites with each suite having a veranda, thus all offer ocean front views. On offer is a superb choice of dining venues; complimentary premium spirits and fine wines available on board at all times, complimented by award-winning service and a relaxed, sociable atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home on board. The Seabourn Venture will sail the globe to many of the world’s most amazing and sought after destinations, including many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and lesser-known locations and hideaways.

Be among the first to experience this new Expedition ship and see the world’s most exquisite destinations in the most luxurious way, and bookings are now open. Her Deck Plan is located on Part Two of this feature. Externally she is not the prettiest ship, but internally she is well fitted out, although more emphasis is placed on a luxury Expedition experience, thus do not expect a cruise experience, for many of the traditional cruise ship facilities are just not available onboard this ship!

Enter the Seabourn Venture feature




Pacific Aria Reviews

I sailed on the Pacific Aria on November 9, 2018, and the 7 night “Barrier Reef Discovery” was a wonderful cruise, as were my previous five cruises on the Pacific Aria. Voyages on her have included an 18 day “Bounty Adventure” (which sadly have now been reduced to just 10 nights), 7 nights “Pacific Island Hopper” and a 14 Night “Papua New Guinea Encounter” cruise (which have now also have been reduced in duration). I am booked to do another 10 night PNG cruise departing in November 2019.

Although originally I had booked the June 14, 2019, 14 nights “Bounty Adventure” Cruise on Pacific Aria and had my regular suite, but sadly this cruise will now be undertaken by the refitted Pacific Dawn, departing Brisbane on June 15, 2019, and I managed to obtain suite 11116, being the disabled suite, which did please me greatly. Of course I will be writing a cruise review on this Pacific Dawn “Bounty Adventure” cruise (which sadly has been reduced to just 10 nights).

June 30, 2019: Please Note; Pacific Aria, will tragically make her final Cruise from Brisbane on January 28, 2020 and return on February 8, she will then head for port! I have received countless complaints re her going, for the Pacific Dawn is not greatly liked by many, well certainly noot once you have sailed on the Aria! With Aria’s removal, I can no longer sail with P&O again, thus my PNG cruise departing in November 2019 will be the last ever, for having just sailed on the Dawn, all I can say, is NEVER AGAIN!

To enter the New Two-Page Cruise Review - Click Image above or ENTER HERE

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Enter the Five Page Pacific Aria PNG Review and the Photographic Papua New Guinea Experience”


And the Pacific Aria Bounty Adventure Cruise Review - August 15, 2016




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